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Liapark focuses on the climate!

Use of bioenergy gives positive effects to the climate. Liapark uses bioenergy for heating of both the cottages and hot water.

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Welcome To Liapark!

Liapark has now completed the construction of six cottages for rental in the municipality of Ål, Norway. The cottages are located near the Liatoppen ski-arena. The cottages vary from 25 – 116 squaremeters, and have a capacity of 4 – 14 persons, depending on the cottage. In total, we can offer accomodation for up to 97 persons. The cottages have high standards, and are built with cooperation from one of the best contractors in this field in Norway.

In addition to the cottages, we have also built a service center that will offer ski-storage, saunas and other facilities. Our cottages are ideal for recreational holidays both summer and winter, as well as for training camps for cross – country and biathlon teams.

We refer to our activites page for more information about what we can offer in the desired season.