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Fon for the whole family!

Fun for the whole family!

At Skarslia Ski and luge-center you can spend the entire day at the toboggan or at the magnificent alpine skiing slopes. The area is situated 23 km from Liapark and is truly a place where you can spend the entire day outdoors. 

There are two slopes for children, one of 200 meters and one of 400 meters, both with floodlighting. There are alson 4 regular downhill slopes og 1200, 1100, 1000, and 400 meters. These slopes are of various difficulty and should be suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiiers.

The two toboggan slopes are the largest ones in Norway, one with a length of 1300 meters and one with 1600 meters. The luges is rented on site.

Ski and luge rental, cafe and the service area is open from 09:00 - 16:30